Maker & Audio education


1 week audio production workshop

Creative Rage & the Machines: Audio Production & Protest Music

Click below to view the website another instructor & I created for the course:

Click the image above to check out our website for the "Creative Rage & the Machine: Audio Production & Protest Music" Intraterm. This website is from Spring 2017

(1 week Enrichment Workshop @ College Prep, Oakland)

More info on Intraterm HERE.


Here are some videos of our week of field trips, guest lectures, audio production, composition, and reflection with students:

mAKERSPACE (xLab) Re-Vamp

(PHYSICAL space & WEBsite)

In the summer of 2017, we decided to re-vamp the xLab, the Maker Space at College Prep. The physical space was re-organized and slat-wall storage systems were installed. I also rebuilt the web-site and blog for the xLab, with the help of our 1st ever xLab Summer Student Intern @ College Prep! Below are some examples and media from this initiative.

You can click the images below to check out the live websites!

Click below to check out the Live Website for the xLab (MakerSpace) @ College Prep in Oakland!